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Help Lowering
Healthcare Cost.

We Help Finding Access To Proper Healthcare At The Most Affordable Cost.

Helping Close The Gap On Basic Needs.

Helping Close The Gap On Basic Needs Like Food, Transportation And More.

Resources On Any Type Of Disaster

Whether You Experienced House Fire, Hurricane Or Flood, We Assist You Finding The Help You Need.

For 15 Years CCR Helped Change Lives.

By Giving People The Information They Need To Continuing Do Better In Their Lives

Resources - Assistance - Opportunity

Welcome To Coordinated
Community Resources.

We strive to gather resources in our communites to offer comfort and fulfillment to those in need among us. Giving is inclusive, effective, and abundant. Driving greater impact for causes people care about in their lives.

Our mission is to simplify help with information and decisions so that the people of the community have the confidence to manage every aspect of their financial resolution.

We aim to reflect the inclusion of all ethnicities, gender identities, generations, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic backgrounds in our assistance database to ensure we are elevating and empowering those with different points of view and serving all of our diverse society.

Coordinated Community Resources


Achievable Result

Get Connected. Get Help.

Finding Food

Programs & Resources

Locally Available Food Programs


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Children & Teens Assistance

Helpful Guide yesAvailable For Your Kids.

Discover The Amazing
Opportunities And Assistance In
Coordinated Community Resources

Coordinated Community Resources is established as a national nonprofit organization in 2007, CCR aims to advance the study and understanding of social assistance between these fields and the development of human capital and social capital, along with their implications to find the right resources for each housing needs.

CCR acts as both a think tank and an active implementer of information in practice for everyone. We envision becoming one of the country's largest humanitarian organizations, committed to helping families in poor communities improve their lives and achieve lasting victories by providing the right information so they can make the right decision in life.

Resources - Efficiency - Opportunity

Care & Prevention

Sport and Recreation

Use sport in a variety of ways to help achieve positive change in the lives of every children and youth in your area.


Provide a proper and secure education and training environment to make sure, no child studies under or stay uneducated.


The initiative is helping to improve safety first on the Covid19 pandemic and other viruses by starting with you.

Coordinated Community Resources
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State Assistance

Assist With Prescriptions

Diabetes Supplies
Dental Assistance

Locating Ride Programs