Our philosophy is that almost every social need has an established solution in the form of an agency, department, or grant floating among a sea of non-articulating social services. Our mission is to locate and identify those answers and mesh them with the needy individuals they were originally intended to serve.

Our work then is to continuously uncover the existing resources and bring these together to fulfill a role in a current social problem.

Additionally we intend to identify established agencies serving groups of individuals and educate them about our mission and the many resources we attempt to coordinate into a portfolio.

We want to serve as a catalyst to open channels of knowledge and information between agencies that may be unaware of services offered by one another; this could build a synergy that could eliminate wasteful redundancy of resources.

We feel the coalescing of these complimentary services will augment the efficiency and effect of each corresponding resources’ funding toward their own missions. And ultimately we hope, this will in total, facilitate better outcomes for the intended beneficiaries of the programs and goodwill.